Steven Droz & Associates Inc. is a boutique firm that provides human resources and labour relations services on a consulting or interim basis to business owners and leaders who want timely and easy access to senior-level expertise.

With a strong background in human resources and labour relations, coupled with SME general management experience, we know first-hand how owners and managers think, what drives them and what keeps them awake at night.

We work closely with our clients to ensure their people strategies are aligned with their business plans, are legally compliant and represent a compelling competitive advantage in their market. We are executants. We go wherever our clients need us and we deliver results based upon mutually agreed objectives and timelines.

Steven Droz & Associates Inc. believes that employees make the greatest contributions to the success and growth of their companies whenever they are treated in a principled, friendly and fair manner.

Please explore our website and contact us if we may be of assistance to your organization.

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